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The Institution  “Fundación Plan de Apoyo Familiar” (Foundation for Family Support Plan) is a non-profit archdiocesan and legally constituted organization in Cali, founded in 2001 with the purpose of providing support to marginalized families living in the city slopes of Altos de Normandía, Atenas, Bellavista, Brisas de los Cristales, El Mortiñal, Terrón Colorado, Aguacatal, Bajo Palermo and Pilas del Cabuyal.

Our goal is to achieve that the vulnerable families and communities develop in a sustainable and fair manner and be included within society.


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The Institution  “Fundación Plan de Apoyo Familiar” increases the human development index through their social and solidary models.

With this purpose and a defined mission, the PAF Institution expects that by 2021, the current Human Development Index has been increased thanks to the solidarity of many individuals and institutions that actively respond to this social model.  Upon integrating the inhabitants of the western city districts through the implemented strategies, they will feel like a sole community, which we will name the PAF-community.



Each family living in the slopes, who has been enrolled in the PAF-Foundation, receives in an integral and parallel manner support in four main programs, aimed at the Human Development with the purpose of having each individual enjoy a long and healthy life, have access to education and a decent standard of living, have the right to gender equality, achieve a welfare distribution in the disparity and modify the paradigm of the poverty culture.  The Institution’s solidary model aims a looking upon ourselves as neighbors, generate a feeling of ownership, and work together to achieve the common good by respecting the differences.


A group of professionals and family  members enrolled in the program work in volunteering activities under the concept of “being open to the other”, showing solidarity with the most needed.  There are currently four committees:  Food, Communication, Clothing and Family Orientation, which support the Institution’s efforts.