An Unexpected Christmas

The Herrera Ordoñez family lives in the Atenas district and has been connected to our Institution for three years. The mother, Sandra, sells sweets and Jorge Eliecer, the father, is a mechanic. They have two children: 9-year-old Sebastian, who is a 4th grader, and Isabella, who turned 10 months.

This is their statement about an unexpected Christmas:

The Herrera Ordoñez family, who planned on spending the holidays around a leafless tree decorated with cotton balls, which a neighbor had given them, celebrated an unexpected Christmas. Sandra told her husband and their son that they would not receive any gifts as they had not been able to work much. But everything changed when they met a benefactor family wishing to spend Christmas with them. As if they had been send by God himself, the gifts, clothes and food they received from them were just what they needed. It was unforgettable, says Sandra and reflects on the following:

“Christmas is not something you celebrate just because; God wishes us to feel it from our hearts. He knew what we needed and we just had to have faith, hope and love. As long as we are with Him, we will lack nothing. We really had a Christmas come from Heaven”.