The Good Neighbor

This project started in 2012 as a result from the need to invite the trade businesses located in the northeastern area of Cali to join the Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility Program.  The acquired commitment results in a channel between the Foundation and its clients.  The revenues collected are invested in the neighbor families, which are enrolled in the PAF Foundation through four large programs:  Education, Health, Coexistence and Finances.

In this case, the Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility is focused on small businesses:  clothing shops, shoe shops, decoration shops, bakeries, dry-cleaners, restaurants, drugstores, supermarkets, among others, all located in the northeastern city districts; as they all acknowledge that a such a large program enables them to become:

  • More competitive small enterprises.
  • Small enterprises that are perceived in a different manner, both by their employees as by their clients.
  • Committed small enterprises.
  • Small enterprises looking for a larger market penetration.