This program fosters the active participation of families in subjects related to the community to enable its development and healthy coexistence.

Family development

The Foundation offers a family skill development tool, as well as specialists in family orientation to assess and follow up on each enrolled family regarding six categories:  personal, marital, parental, family, work and community.

This follow up helps families to reflect on and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Home Visits


The periodic visits to the enrolled families help to strengthen the bond between them and the Foundation, and serve as an educational tool to improve the family coexistence, as we get closer to their reality.

Reflective group workshops with the families are carried out as well, which provide them with practical tools to solve their problems.


Solidarity Events And Strategies

We promote community meetings, and thus create an including space for the whole PAF community.  This is a showcase for entrepreneurial families to sell their products and also to create awareness of the Foundation’s strategies.

The Wardrobe

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Its objective is to collect clothes and appliance donations. These articles are classified and given away to the community at a symbolic price.

The Good Neighbor

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This project started in 2012 as a result from the need to invite the trade businesses located in the northeastern area of Cali to join the Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility Program.  The acquired commitment results in a channel between the Foundation and its clients.  The revenues collected are invested in the neighbor families, which are enrolled in the PAF Foundation through four large programs:  Education, Health, Coexistence and Finances.

In this case, the Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility is focused on small businesses:  clothing shops, shoe shops, decoration shops, bakeries, dry-cleaners, restaurants, drugstores, supermarkets, among others, all located in the northeastern city districts; as they all acknowledge that a such a large program enables them to become:

  • More competitive small enterprises.
  • Small enterprises that are perceived in a different manner, both by their employees as by their clients.
  • Committed small enterprises.
  • Small enterprises looking for a larger market penetration.

Blue Hearts

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The Blue Hearts Cards are sold at the Foundation and the revenue collected is invested specifically in improving the toilet equipment of our PAF community houses.

The Foundation’s objective is to stimulate the value of solidarity among neighbors.  A Blue Heart Card is a channel for someone to let a friend know he/she is sharing a special moment, such a birthday, anniversary, condolence, among others; but it also has a social background based on the generous attitude of thinking of the many needed neighbors around us.

Chanchito Blú - Blu Piggy

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This is a seeding project which resulted from the need to teach about the value of savings and solidarity among children and adults.

This strategy is mainly implemented in educational institutions and in some trade businesses. Once the Chanchito Blú is full, it is to be handed over to the PAF Foundation and thus, this money is utilized to equip living quarters.