News P.A.F.

Supported by 15 volunteers, we made 220 home visits during this semester to the families enrolled in the program.  This approach raises awareness regarding the reality our neighbors live in and, besides, we are able to more efficiently focus on our programs to improve the conditions of our beneficiaries.
On Saturday, June 7th, we will take the health family walk “Experience-the-West, walk with PAF”, starting at 7.30 am at the Zoo or Atenas Field. During this community meeting, we will have the opportunity to share with the families, among neighbors and get to see the richness of the Cali…
For the past eight years, the Institution’s books travel each month to the intervened districts.  Supported by the Ministry of Culture, we have provided for the past two years artistic and cultural activities that reward this space.  During 2014, we carried out 16 Travelling Libraries with a total of 1580…
1,300 food sacks have been delivered from January through May to our families thanks to the generous participation of the Santa Teresita parish members who donate the provisions and place it on the altar, where the donating and the receiving families are blessed.